Sunday, May 10, 2015

Courageously Imperfect

So I got caught up in a bit of the “Downton Abby” ambiance, if you find yourself scratching your head in utter confusion, rest assured I will exemplify my statement. No I did not watch the series, nor did I read any novel of which the show was adapted from, funny enough, I simply saw the trailer for the series and immediately got captured in the whimsical appeal of the aristocratic Edwardian era.  
Wikipedia describes King Edward as a leader of a fashionable elite, that set a style influenced by the art and fashions of Continental Europe. After that explanation, it would be no surprise that growing up I often, fondly associated this era with sheer perfection. The women of this era were always adorned with flawless posture coupled with grace and elegance of a true lady.
Now truth be told a 1901-1910 woman without a corset would best be compared to myself without a cellphone, naked, lost and lonely. However in all seriousness, this era allowed no room for error, no pun intended! The art of displaying a portrait of perfection through grace and elegance, which these ladies mastered with excellence evidently, came with the price of sacrificing comfort. So while I have secretly desired the poise and gentleness of an Edwardian era lady, given a choice, I would ultimately choose the imperfections of a 2015 woman. I love that we live in an era that allows us dress our imperfections as noble prizes that make us the unique individuals we are. Conclusively, in the words of Brene Brown, how about we muster up the “courage to be imperfect” my beauts, the courage to just be.   
For this look I threw on a the most comfortable, light weighted cotton fabric printed dress from Next, accessorized with a draped navy scarf and finished off with a tan pair of round toed pumps and tans tights. Now if you take a closer glance, you will uncover a flaw in my look, yes ladies, like most 21st century distressed damsels, I do in fact have a run in my tights. Best believe beauts, this little blemish did not hinder me from striking a panache pose, if anything it reinforced the courage to be imperfect!