Sunday, May 10, 2015

Courageously Imperfect

So I got caught up in a bit of the “Downton Abby” ambiance, if you find yourself scratching your head in utter confusion, rest assured I will exemplify my statement. No I did not watch the series, nor did I read any novel of which the show was adapted from, funny enough, I simply saw the trailer for the series and immediately got captured in the whimsical appeal of the aristocratic Edwardian era.  
Wikipedia describes King Edward as a leader of a fashionable elite, that set a style influenced by the art and fashions of Continental Europe. After that explanation, it would be no surprise that growing up I often, fondly associated this era with sheer perfection. The women of this era were always adorned with flawless posture coupled with grace and elegance of a true lady.
Now truth be told a 1901-1910 woman without a corset would best be compared to myself without a cellphone, naked, lost and lonely. However in all seriousness, this era allowed no room for error, no pun intended! The art of displaying a portrait of perfection through grace and elegance, which these ladies mastered with excellence evidently, came with the price of sacrificing comfort. So while I have secretly desired the poise and gentleness of an Edwardian era lady, given a choice, I would ultimately choose the imperfections of a 2015 woman. I love that we live in an era that allows us dress our imperfections as noble prizes that make us the unique individuals we are. Conclusively, in the words of Brene Brown, how about we muster up the “courage to be imperfect” my beauts, the courage to just be.   
For this look I threw on a the most comfortable, light weighted cotton fabric printed dress from Next, accessorized with a draped navy scarf and finished off with a tan pair of round toed pumps and tans tights. Now if you take a closer glance, you will uncover a flaw in my look, yes ladies, like most 21st century distressed damsels, I do in fact have a run in my tights. Best believe beauts, this little blemish did not hinder me from striking a panache pose, if anything it reinforced the courage to be imperfect!  

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Memoire - Happy yet!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the happiest of us all?, how any times have you uttered that little one liner in your everyday life, probably never, possibly because we don’t walk around chanting Shakespearean lingo, but let’s be honest, how many times have you faked a smile the very minute you got wind of a friend, colleague or mere acquaintance who’s doing well in an aspect of their life?
Wikipedia denotes fake smiles to muscular flexing of the cheeks without any eye contraction, if that’s the case, God knows my cheeks have pinned muscular flexing with zero percentage of eye contraction in sight. I recall times I could have probably given Jack Nicholson’s rendition of the Batman character “Joker” a run for his money.  Yes beauts, I too have been overwhelmed with emotions of jealousy and envy as soon as the latest bulletin of who has what graced these ears.
All of the above until my world was taken aback by a rude awakening this past week. I recently had the opportunity to catch up with dear out of touch family friends. I quickly learnt how these precious souls have had their lives turned upside down; these gems could probably articulate the words hurt, turmoil and loss better than any dictionary on the face of the earth. Out of respect for my friends, I am not at liberty to disclose any detail, but what I will say is that this type of tragedy feels like a chapter out of a novel. My only disconnect, was I could not link this story drenched in utter sadness with the livelihood of the people in my presence. Their presence, smiles and sounds of their laughter was filled with deep, resounding joy. Shortly after, almost like an out of body, pinch me, is this for real moment, the life lesson unfolds, happiness is not about having or experiencing nice things, happiness is finding an internal sense of peace and contentment in spite of what life hands us.
I have fashioned myself in this polka dot shirt dress from Next and baby doll pumps from Woolworths. In all honesty this look fetches fond childhood memories of the movie “101 Dalmatians” which is pretty much the cherry on top to “Happy Yet”, happy spotting!  

Please note, no trees have been harmed during the processing of this photo-shoot; infact a deep, “grounded” friendship has “blossomed”

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Grand White Dinner - 2015

Grass and trees and sun so bright, oh what a gorgeous sight, such opulence and splendour all wrapped up in white.
My Saturday started off with a diverse congregation of people all styled in white, with a touch of green, gently marching their way to their tables, to party and picnic in lavish table setting and décor based on their individual taste.
Oh yes my beauts, I had the opportunity of spending my Saturday at the Johannesburg Grand White Dinner. To top of the best idea of an event, I was blessed to enjoy this day with the most fabulous set of people. I like to refer to this select group as my statement pieces, because their special presence illuminated and added to the beauty of the day.
The very essence and concept of white is one of purity, wholeness and completeness, so how does one add to this colour to make it any more spectacular than it already is. It would take a prodigy to convince me that the colour white could be more remarkable then it is. Best believe this phenomenon would be the very same person that has stolen my heart, my lobster came up with an idea draped with sheer brilliance. White with a touch of green - Indian style, could it get any more perfect. A beautiful day, beautiful décor, beautiful people, a beautiful colour and styled in a garment that pays honour to my heritage and culture.  The Grand White Dinner, my 8th wonder of the world!

I styled myself in extraordinary white diamond and sequin encrusted Panjabi with a flattering fitted top and flowy bottom, perfectly selected by the mama lobster might I add. I accessorised with lace creamy embroided ballerina flats, gold bangles dusted with emerald green and white diamonds, cream clutch and in pure Indian style, finished my look off with an emerald green, diamond adorned dot.
(Keep an eye out for the memoire relating to the Grand White table décor, styled and designed yours truly  

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Memoire: Mini Milestones

“Isn’t it funny, this feeling inside”, the lyrics of the first hit by the infamous Sir Elton John has been churning in my head, over and over, in might I add, a somewhat pitchy Andrea.G tone.
I reached a mini milestone today my beauts, but I must admit I am utterly disappointed with Andrea.G. After a sigh of relief and self-appreciation for the work put into reaching this milestone, I quickly tossed my efforts away with an “ok, now to plan for the next stretch”. Now don’t get me wrong, planning for the next stretch is extremely important, in fact it’s a key pillar for executing with excellence. It’s incredibly important to keep focused on the goal and not get swept away with mini victories but it’s equally important to remember that mini victories come with lessons and exposure and without these little triumphs, there would be no final goal.
A feeling of absolute giddy, sadness encapsulated my being. This could have been partially caused by the packet of fried chip dolloped with ketchup and a side serving of generous cholesterol that I completely devoured, but I’m pretty sure there was some emotion too. On a serious note, Isn’t it funny how we beat ourselves up when failure comes around to visit, constantly reprimanding ourselves for stupid mistakes; punishing ourselves with the relentless reminders of such mistakes! And yet when moments of sheer brilliance come along we reward ourselves with a sigh of relief and allow the moment to pass.
What a realisation!, I immediately responded with brilliant thoughts of rewarding tact’s. A shopping spree, a spa day or a two hour rondevu at a Clicks or Dischem pharmacy (obsession with drugs stores – total Angrea.G randomness), and just when the enthusiasm started building it was soon confronted by a little friend I call wisdom. Who are we kidding, with this type of approach all we’re really doing is following the absurd “daddy hits be because he loves me” thinking pattern.
How about we be nice to ourselves, reward ourselves with kind, deserving words of affection. Recognise yourself for work well done and take necessary steps to develop yourself when you have missed the mark you were aiming for.  I have decided that my rewarding mantra going forward will be the following, “ Andrea.G you kicked ass and took names”, coupled with a head up, shoulders back strut down the passageway, quick flick of the hair and a reminder from Sir Elton, “how wonderful life is, now you’re in the world!”
A fashion milestone I recently achieved was mustering up the courage to pull off a jumpsuit; I have always allowed my somewhat well-endowed thighs to deter me from the onesy family, but not anymore dear friends. I have styled myself with a chic black jumpsuit with a beautiful detailed lace neckline from Edit purchased of Spree online:, I paired it with a pair of leopard printed heels and a statement neckpiece.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Memoire: Monday Blues

Ever had a catastrophic, annihilating day, I might be a tad bit exaggerative but let’s face it, negative energy first thing in the morning really tends to put a crapper on the rest of the day, before you know it you’re a Mariah Carry song away from crawling under your desk, hoping you’re as translucent as Harry Potter in his magical cloak of invisibility.
That’s the day I’ve had, having it be a Monday doesn’t make it any better either. Being the sensitive, people pleasing soul that I am, it really takes very little to paint the appalling stench of irk on my day.
Before I go crazy painting the town red with my unpleasant odour of pessimism, I’m reminded of a somewhat fitting quote that my most favourite colleague often reminds me, and despite how frivolous it appears, I must admit it does have a deep sense of truth to it, “life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about dancing in the rain”.
I would not be surprised if you’re having an “ok whatever” moment, I did to, but mine was then followed by an “ahh-uhh moment. The beauty of fashion is that in most cases, the dull somewhat boring colours tend to illuminate a look. Colour on its own becomes distracting, hence it sometimes takes the dark gloomy days to enhance and illuminate our character.
Regardless of what might have put the spoil on the start to your week, let’s say good night to this “not-so-great” day. Let’s put on our bestest heels and get ready to waltz our worries, burdens and stresses away. Yes ladies, I said waltz, because if anything, we’re going to do this week with class, taste and poise. Compose yourself my beauts it’s time to strut your stuff!

In the spirit of all things blue, I have style myself with this chic cobalt blue collared dress from Edit, some extra sheer black pantyhose purchased from Woolworths and accessorized with this striking gold clutch from YDE. I’m never one to blow my own horn but if feeling blue looks like this, then give me a cloud and call me sky!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Date Night Accessorising

Date Night Accessorising
Who are we kidding, being fabulous is no child’s play, I get particularly stressed when it comes to date night, only because I like getting all dressed up for my lobster. He doesn’t know this, but his face has a tell, he has different light up smile levels, there’s a particular level I thrive on reaching, and then its BINGO!, Andrea.G we have hit the motherload and who are we kidding, its butterflies all over again.
A little trick I discovered to make date night dressing a little less pain stricken is the power of precise accessorising. Firstly you need to get the correct measure of bling and colour, secondly always remember that less is more and lastly, do not underestimate the power of black, its basic but its powerful.  With precise accessorising you could throw on a pair of your fav jeans and a tank and still look incredibly ultra-chic!   

I’ve put together a few accessory pieces that best describes the notes above. Stacked bracelets are trending enormously this season coupled with a pair of these gorgeous shimmer sky earrings (courtesy of Zulululu Accessories: ). One of my favourite techniques of including colour into my look has to be a lip colour; it’s the perfect polishing accessory. I finished off this look with a pair of colourful, diamond encrusted rings and basic black clutch. I also added in my super fabulous cat eyed specs, it serves a dual purpose for the vision impaired and voilà!

Memoire: Grecian Goddess

Wikipedia describes ancient Greek architecture as being distinguished by its highly formalized characteristics, both of structure and decoration, most often raised on high ground so that the elegance of its proportions and the effects of light on its surfaces might be viewed from all angles.
When I read this, I was incredibly in awe of the confidence projected by Greek architecture. I love that this particular category of art is notable for its structure, decoration and elegance, a lesson the female specie could do with. To sanction oneself to be displayed and viewed from all angles, totally oblivious to the indefinite judgment that would come thereafter, now that takes a pretty generous portion of valiance.
Having said that, a finding I stumbled upon in my research was that the elegance and decoration would be non-existent if there were no structure. Now, not to get too cheeky with you my beaut’s but I would like to put something out there, the fact that you have oxygen flowing through your nostrils does not give you the privilege of structure.  Sir Nikolaus Pevsner, Infamous scholar of history and art made reference to a Greek temple he was utterly fascinated with, saying "the Greek temple, has a physical presence more intense, more alive than that of any later building”. Are you present, are you alive or are you waiting to shed 5kg’s before you wear that fabulous dress hanging in the back of your closet?!
Andrea.G says that structure is not defined by the size or shape of your body but rather defined by the stand you take on that surface of the earth you consume. Stand tall and allow the natural essence and core features of what God created to illuminate of the decoration you add on and elegance you project. Stand tall and proud in your Grecian plus size structure, love yourself intensely and remember that the embellishment only add to the beauty you already possess, it does not create it, you are a Grecian Goddess!

In the spirit of all that is Greek and beautiful, I have styled Greek temple with a Mr Price Greek inspired woven flowy dress (perfect for fall). I decorated my structure with a chunky neck piece and dangling earrings. Usually I never go big on and a neck piece and earrings but the inner Goddess just could not resist.