Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Grand White Dinner - 2015

Grass and trees and sun so bright, oh what a gorgeous sight, such opulence and splendour all wrapped up in white.
My Saturday started off with a diverse congregation of people all styled in white, with a touch of green, gently marching their way to their tables, to party and picnic in lavish table setting and décor based on their individual taste.
Oh yes my beauts, I had the opportunity of spending my Saturday at the Johannesburg Grand White Dinner. To top of the best idea of an event, I was blessed to enjoy this day with the most fabulous set of people. I like to refer to this select group as my statement pieces, because their special presence illuminated and added to the beauty of the day.
The very essence and concept of white is one of purity, wholeness and completeness, so how does one add to this colour to make it any more spectacular than it already is. It would take a prodigy to convince me that the colour white could be more remarkable then it is. Best believe this phenomenon would be the very same person that has stolen my heart, my lobster came up with an idea draped with sheer brilliance. White with a touch of green - Indian style, could it get any more perfect. A beautiful day, beautiful décor, beautiful people, a beautiful colour and styled in a garment that pays honour to my heritage and culture.  The Grand White Dinner, my 8th wonder of the world!

I styled myself in extraordinary white diamond and sequin encrusted Panjabi with a flattering fitted top and flowy bottom, perfectly selected by the mama lobster might I add. I accessorised with lace creamy embroided ballerina flats, gold bangles dusted with emerald green and white diamonds, cream clutch and in pure Indian style, finished my look off with an emerald green, diamond adorned dot.
(Keep an eye out for the memoire relating to the Grand White table décor, styled and designed yours truly  


Wendy Wallace said...

Stunning!! Love it. Was hoping to see a pic of you in your white grandeur. ;-)

Andrea.G said...

Thank you mommy V, was having so much fun, I totally forgot to take a picture of it;)

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