Monday, April 13, 2015

Memoire: Monday Blues

Ever had a catastrophic, annihilating day, I might be a tad bit exaggerative but let’s face it, negative energy first thing in the morning really tends to put a crapper on the rest of the day, before you know it you’re a Mariah Carry song away from crawling under your desk, hoping you’re as translucent as Harry Potter in his magical cloak of invisibility.
That’s the day I’ve had, having it be a Monday doesn’t make it any better either. Being the sensitive, people pleasing soul that I am, it really takes very little to paint the appalling stench of irk on my day.
Before I go crazy painting the town red with my unpleasant odour of pessimism, I’m reminded of a somewhat fitting quote that my most favourite colleague often reminds me, and despite how frivolous it appears, I must admit it does have a deep sense of truth to it, “life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about dancing in the rain”.
I would not be surprised if you’re having an “ok whatever” moment, I did to, but mine was then followed by an “ahh-uhh moment. The beauty of fashion is that in most cases, the dull somewhat boring colours tend to illuminate a look. Colour on its own becomes distracting, hence it sometimes takes the dark gloomy days to enhance and illuminate our character.
Regardless of what might have put the spoil on the start to your week, let’s say good night to this “not-so-great” day. Let’s put on our bestest heels and get ready to waltz our worries, burdens and stresses away. Yes ladies, I said waltz, because if anything, we’re going to do this week with class, taste and poise. Compose yourself my beauts it’s time to strut your stuff!

In the spirit of all things blue, I have style myself with this chic cobalt blue collared dress from Edit, some extra sheer black pantyhose purchased from Woolworths and accessorized with this striking gold clutch from YDE. I’m never one to blow my own horn but if feeling blue looks like this, then give me a cloud and call me sky!


Wendy Wallace said...

Ahh Ands, typical of you to turn a blue Monday into an amazing piece of writing and I Loooooooove your look, its so fierce and gorgeous. I love the way you say we should waltz away our worries, gonna use that as my mantra too from now on. ;-)

Andrea.G said...

Yayness!...nothing makes me happier:)

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