Saturday, April 11, 2015

Memoire: Grecian Goddess

Wikipedia describes ancient Greek architecture as being distinguished by its highly formalized characteristics, both of structure and decoration, most often raised on high ground so that the elegance of its proportions and the effects of light on its surfaces might be viewed from all angles.
When I read this, I was incredibly in awe of the confidence projected by Greek architecture. I love that this particular category of art is notable for its structure, decoration and elegance, a lesson the female specie could do with. To sanction oneself to be displayed and viewed from all angles, totally oblivious to the indefinite judgment that would come thereafter, now that takes a pretty generous portion of valiance.
Having said that, a finding I stumbled upon in my research was that the elegance and decoration would be non-existent if there were no structure. Now, not to get too cheeky with you my beaut’s but I would like to put something out there, the fact that you have oxygen flowing through your nostrils does not give you the privilege of structure.  Sir Nikolaus Pevsner, Infamous scholar of history and art made reference to a Greek temple he was utterly fascinated with, saying "the Greek temple, has a physical presence more intense, more alive than that of any later building”. Are you present, are you alive or are you waiting to shed 5kg’s before you wear that fabulous dress hanging in the back of your closet?!
Andrea.G says that structure is not defined by the size or shape of your body but rather defined by the stand you take on that surface of the earth you consume. Stand tall and allow the natural essence and core features of what God created to illuminate of the decoration you add on and elegance you project. Stand tall and proud in your Grecian plus size structure, love yourself intensely and remember that the embellishment only add to the beauty you already possess, it does not create it, you are a Grecian Goddess!

In the spirit of all that is Greek and beautiful, I have styled Greek temple with a Mr Price Greek inspired woven flowy dress (perfect for fall). I decorated my structure with a chunky neck piece and dangling earrings. Usually I never go big on and a neck piece and earrings but the inner Goddess just could not resist.

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