Tuesday, April 7, 2015


The Merriam Webster dictionary describes texture to be “the way something feels when you touch it”, I love that description of the word texture, largely because that explanation illuminates the magical influence texture has on design.
Texture provides masters of fabric and design (otherwise known as designers) the ability to visually construct a garment to seduce the eye and convince the brain that a piece of fabric feels a certain way. Such power, such appeal!
I just love the lush sensation that comes with being wrapped in this velvet shirt from Legit, which might I add is definitely the star of this look, combined with this printed skirt from Jet gives this piece such an contradictive alluring story to tell. Basic black and yet textural complex.
Finished off with a pair of strappy sandals also from Legit and pretty much any black coat in your cupboard and clutch would do!
This look is also serves as a reminder to you beautiful ladies that you don’t have to break the bank to pull off a posh look!


mode french said...

Such a nice dress, love it :)

Bisous bisous de France
French Fashion Blogger

Andrea.G said...

merci beaucoup Sandy!

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