Saturday, April 11, 2015

Date Night Accessorising

Date Night Accessorising
Who are we kidding, being fabulous is no child’s play, I get particularly stressed when it comes to date night, only because I like getting all dressed up for my lobster. He doesn’t know this, but his face has a tell, he has different light up smile levels, there’s a particular level I thrive on reaching, and then its BINGO!, Andrea.G we have hit the motherload and who are we kidding, its butterflies all over again.
A little trick I discovered to make date night dressing a little less pain stricken is the power of precise accessorising. Firstly you need to get the correct measure of bling and colour, secondly always remember that less is more and lastly, do not underestimate the power of black, its basic but its powerful.  With precise accessorising you could throw on a pair of your fav jeans and a tank and still look incredibly ultra-chic!   

I’ve put together a few accessory pieces that best describes the notes above. Stacked bracelets are trending enormously this season coupled with a pair of these gorgeous shimmer sky earrings (courtesy of Zulululu Accessories: ). One of my favourite techniques of including colour into my look has to be a lip colour; it’s the perfect polishing accessory. I finished off this look with a pair of colourful, diamond encrusted rings and basic black clutch. I also added in my super fabulous cat eyed specs, it serves a dual purpose for the vision impaired and voilà!

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