Thursday, April 16, 2015

Memoire: Mini Milestones

“Isn’t it funny, this feeling inside”, the lyrics of the first hit by the infamous Sir Elton John has been churning in my head, over and over, in might I add, a somewhat pitchy Andrea.G tone.
I reached a mini milestone today my beauts, but I must admit I am utterly disappointed with Andrea.G. After a sigh of relief and self-appreciation for the work put into reaching this milestone, I quickly tossed my efforts away with an “ok, now to plan for the next stretch”. Now don’t get me wrong, planning for the next stretch is extremely important, in fact it’s a key pillar for executing with excellence. It’s incredibly important to keep focused on the goal and not get swept away with mini victories but it’s equally important to remember that mini victories come with lessons and exposure and without these little triumphs, there would be no final goal.
A feeling of absolute giddy, sadness encapsulated my being. This could have been partially caused by the packet of fried chip dolloped with ketchup and a side serving of generous cholesterol that I completely devoured, but I’m pretty sure there was some emotion too. On a serious note, Isn’t it funny how we beat ourselves up when failure comes around to visit, constantly reprimanding ourselves for stupid mistakes; punishing ourselves with the relentless reminders of such mistakes! And yet when moments of sheer brilliance come along we reward ourselves with a sigh of relief and allow the moment to pass.
What a realisation!, I immediately responded with brilliant thoughts of rewarding tact’s. A shopping spree, a spa day or a two hour rondevu at a Clicks or Dischem pharmacy (obsession with drugs stores – total Angrea.G randomness), and just when the enthusiasm started building it was soon confronted by a little friend I call wisdom. Who are we kidding, with this type of approach all we’re really doing is following the absurd “daddy hits be because he loves me” thinking pattern.
How about we be nice to ourselves, reward ourselves with kind, deserving words of affection. Recognise yourself for work well done and take necessary steps to develop yourself when you have missed the mark you were aiming for.  I have decided that my rewarding mantra going forward will be the following, “ Andrea.G you kicked ass and took names”, coupled with a head up, shoulders back strut down the passageway, quick flick of the hair and a reminder from Sir Elton, “how wonderful life is, now you’re in the world!”
A fashion milestone I recently achieved was mustering up the courage to pull off a jumpsuit; I have always allowed my somewhat well-endowed thighs to deter me from the onesy family, but not anymore dear friends. I have styled myself with a chic black jumpsuit with a beautiful detailed lace neckline from Edit purchased of Spree online:, I paired it with a pair of leopard printed heels and a statement neckpiece.


Wendy Wallace said...

Love this!! Such an inspiration!! Sho I really needed this. Especially this: "reward ourselves with kind, deserving words of affection" . We really need to do this more often its so important. Thank you for being so brave. I also afraid of jumpsuits. Thanks for "pushing beyond your boundries" AndyG ;-)

Andrea.G said...

Its more than a pleasure doll, I'm glad this memoire has had a positive impact on you!

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